Why would faith leaders join?

The religious leaders of the community are an important tool that is often not utilized. They want to communicate effectively with their congregations and staying in touch with the latest issues is very important. The priests, rabbis, and other religious leaders in the Hunterdon County community want to create a strong, common message to help spread that awareness on the dangers of substance abuse and other community concerns.

Faith leaders have a respected and strong voice within their congregations and can make a huge difference in community outreach.  The power of the faith community is strong and religious leaders often have a substantial impact within their community.

Membership Information

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All One Voice Faith leaders receive relevant topic information and decide the best delivery for each congregation.

Faith leaders are highly encouraged to participate in the following activities:

1.   Pray for the success of our One Voice initiatives.

2.   Disseminate information in a manner most appropriate for your congregation.  Suggested methods may be during sermons, guest speaker, service announcements, bulletin insert  or a combination of these suggested methods.  This is typically 1 – 2x a year.

3.   Provide information either in bulletins, emails, websites, etc. throughout month of awareness encouraging the congregation to participate in the discussion of the identified topic.

4.   Provide the following link to our website so your congregation can visit the One Voice website for additional information and resources. www.onevoicehc.com.